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Currently we’re working on launching the first collection of 100% sustainable, Japanese streetwear inspired clothing brand: Yoriyoi.

Yoriyoi combines style and sustainability to give you the opportunity to support a good cause and look great doing so!

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Our Goal

We strictly use local products that have zero impact on people and environment. Our goal is to show that fashion can be 100% sustainable and look great as well!

Yoriyoi is taking action to reduce environmental impact, child labour and poor working conditions. We want to change the ugly reality of the fashion industry where big fashion brands mask their exploitation and environmental impact by using expensive produced marketing campaigns.

Yoriyoi wants to change the fashion industry. For this reason we chose to support the Clean Clothes Campaign. 5% of every purchase will support improving working conditions in third world countries.

Check out their website for more information regarding this great cause!

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The Garment

Yoriyoi Garments are inspired by Japanese streetwear to give you the opportunity to expand your personal style with these streetwear items made from 100% Lyocell fiber.

This fabric is 100% sustainable and is made from wood fibers of the eucalyptus tree. Wood harvested for the production of these fibers comes from certified and controlled sources. Garments are locally produced in the Netherlands by textile and design students.

Easy & Accessible

Yoriyoi wants to make choosing for a sustainable product easy! For this reason we decided to give you the option to lease you garments!

We know what you're thinking: Leasing clothing? How is that supposed to work?

It’s easy! When you order a Yoriyoi garment you choose to either pay the full price at checkout or start with a smaller amount, followed by several small monthly payments.

After you paid the full price in monthly payments the garment is completely yours! This makes choosing for a sustainable product accessible to everybody who wants to support a good cause!

Explaination of Lease and Buy System
Example of YoriYoi Shirt Example of YoriYoi Shirt Example of YoriYoi Shirt Example of YoriYoi Shirt

Key Benefits

For You

Icon of Strength


Lyocell fibers are versatile and distinguished by their high tenacity profile among cellulose fibers. This comes down to a high quality fabric that doesn’t break as easy as a cotton product.

Icon of Gentle on skin

Gentle on your skin

Lyocell fibers are naturally soft to the touch and offer long-lasting comfort. Lyocell fibers exhibit a smooth surface area, giving fabrics a soft feel and ensuring comfort for sensitive skin.

Icon of breathability

Enhanced breathability

Lyocell fibers support the body’s natural thermal regulation mechanism. Lyocell cellulose fibers have a higher vapor uptake than cotton and a smoother fiber surface which contributes to fabric breathability.

Icon of bacteria

Unfavorable for bacterial growth

Through moisture management, Lyocell fibers absorb moisture efficiently. In comparison to Polyester and synthetics, there is less available moisture formed on the surface of the fiber for bacteria to grow.

Consequently, Lyocell fibers provide a less favorable environment for bacterial growth, offering better hygienic qualities.

This means your garments will feel fresh for a longer period of time, resulting in less laundry, which is good for you and the planet!

Icon of thermal regulation

Thermal regulation

Lyocell fibers support body temperature regulating properties through moisture management. These natural cellulosic fibers are structured to regulate absorption and release of moisture, contributing to fabric breathability which supports the body’s natural thermal regulation. Lyocell garments are always comfortable to wear!

People & Planet

Icon of biodegradable fabric


Derived from nature, Lyocell fiber types have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

Icon for sustainability

Sustainable production of Lyocell fibers

Lyocell fibers have gained the reputation for their environmentally responsible, closed loop production process, which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibers with high resource efficiency and low ecological impact.

Icon for botanical origins

Botanic origin

Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources, harvested from certified and controlled sources following the stringent guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp Policy.

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